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Past exhibitions
13.6.2024 - 16.6.2024 Artexpo Basel Europa Airport (Basel)
1.5.2024 - 5.5.2024 Wold Art Dubai (Dubai)
12.4.2024 - 14.4.2024 Art Fair Zurich (Zurich)
4.4.2024 - 7.4.2024 ArtExpo New York The World’s Original Fine Art Trade Show (New York)
4.4.2024 - 7.4.2024 ArtExpo New York (New York)
15.3.2024 - 17.3.2024 Vernice Art Fair (Forli)
31.12.2023 - 1.1.2024 NEW YEAR'S EVE Times Square (New York)
6.12.2023 - 10.12.2023 Miami Art Fair (Miami, Florida 33217)
25.11.2023 - 26.11.2023 Pavi Art Art Fair (Belgioioso PV)
26.10.2023 - 29.10.2023 Art Fair Innsbruck Contemporary (Innsbruck)
I live and work in Switzerland
Bringing the hand to the spirit on the wooden wall or metal is a piece of the soul that I make visible. My works of art reflect movement, strength, energy and the courage to use color. It is the joy of shapes and colors. Art is the addiction in my life.

I invite you to immerse yourself in a wide world of fantasy, vibrant web of colors, emotions and stories
provide an immersive experience that resonates deeply with every viewer.
Art by waldraut hool-wolf
Art by waldraut hool-wolf
The art of Waldraut Hool-Wolf has captured the hearts of art enthusiasts worldwide. Her unique expression of the soul transcends physical boundaries and is characterized by movement, power, energy, and the courageous use of color. From wooden to metal canvases, Hool-Wolf’s hand brings the spirit to life, creating powerful, inspiring, and beautiful compositions.