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"Blondes Gift" (9) · 2013
waldraut hool-wolf, Blondes Gift, Abstract art, People: Women, Pop-Art
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#Blondes Gift
Blonde poison the woman who knows what she wants She is blond but not stupid She has her goal but also heart and courage

Sculpture: Depending on the light influence the colors reflect on the metal sculpture
38cm h/ 2,5kg

For sale
15 x 14 x 0.1 inch
THE BEST 2015 Modern & Contemporary ARTISTS
I volti dell’artista Waldraut Hool- Wolf narrano con efficacia il mondo e la figura femminile. Supportata da uno stile già maturo e raffinato,
l’artista propone una forma d’arte originale e innovativa, di cui elegge, per rappresentare al meglio le sue sagome leggere e modern, la donna, colta nello sue piu naturali espressività, elegante come il flusso della materia che l’ha forgiata.
“Text: curated by Salvatore Russo”
by waldraut hool- wolf
2015 - awarded art international, Germany
by waldraut hool- wolf
Sehr schönes Gift, gefällt mir!
International Kunstpreis
il David di Gian Lorenzo Bernini 2015 Verliehen an Hool- Wolf Waldraut
Accademia Italia Arte del Mondo
Lecce 2015
Mr. G. Paisiello
THE BEST 2015 Modern & Contemporary ARTISTS The faces of the artist Waldraut Hool- Wolf narrate with effectiveness the world and the female figure. Supported by an already mature and refined style, the artist proposes a form of art original and innovative. of which shall elect, to represent the best ist shapes soft and modern, the woman, caught in ist most natural expressiveness, elegant as the flow of matter that forged it. " Nov 2015 - Edinburgh Salvatore Russo"
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