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waldraut hool-wolf Portrait

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waldraut hool-wolf
waldraut hool-wolf
ATIM MASTERS AWARD to wwdesign For Outstanding Contribution To Arts & Culture New York, NY June 23rd, 2023
Top 60 stars of the year with the top award in the art world, nicknamed by the media as "The
Oscars of The Visual Arts."
ArtTour International, New York, USA
2023 - ICON Magazine
The art of Waldraut Hool-Wolf has captured the hearts of art enthusiasts worldwide. Her unique expression of the soul transcends physical boundaries and is characterized by movement, power, energy, and the courageous use of color. From wooden to metal canvases, Hool-Wolf’s hand brings the spirit to life, creating powerful, inspiring, and beautiful compositions.
2024 - Biancoscuro Art Contest Video Exhibition Zurich April 12th- 14th 2024

2024 - Artexpo New York: My artworks are projected at the same time 13 monitors with a size of 65 inches are spread across the exhibition area. This ad is repeated many times throughout the show. Together with the picture my work, as well as my name and the name of the gallery & standnumber.

2024 - The 61st International Artavita Online Art Contest
Finalist Certificate Granted to Waldraut Hool- Wolf
For artwork submitted & distinguished in the 61st Artavita Online Art Contest competing for participation Artexpo New York April 4 - 7 2024 Director of Artavita Online Gallery D. Tunberg

This upcoming New Year’s Eve, brace yourself for a captivating immersion into the world of art, surrounded by the captivating creations of Waldraut Hool-Wolf showcased at the prestigious event BEST OF 2023 IN THE ART WORLD, nestled in the vibrant core of Times Square. Waldraut Hool-Wolf’s art beckons you to delve into a vast expanse of imagination, where her pieces weave a vibrant tapestry of colors, emotions, and narratives, offering an immersive experience that profoundly resonates with every observer.
Join us in celebrating Waldraut Hool-Wolf’s boundless artistic expression and encounter the allure of her art against the iconic backdrop of Times Square

the Art Pictures on one of the biggest advertising night under the bright lights of Times Square on New Year's Eve during the New Year's Eve ball drop The "Best of 2023 In The Art World" Billboard the Art Pictures will be displayed 100 times between
2 pm and 11:30 pm, with each display lasting 15 seconds. This means your work will be exposed for a total of 1500 seconds (25 minutes), providing an exceptional opportunity for exposure The featured billboard overlooks the Times Square pedestrian plaza where ABC, E! Entertainment Networks, CNN, and other major media networks broadcast coverage of the Times Square ball drop. the digital exhibition will feature within the primetime window.

2023 - Biancoscuro Rivista D’Arte December Magazine Art Basel Miami Beach

2023 - Luxembourg Art Prize Certificate of Merit for Artistic Achievement The Pinakothek awards this certificate to wwdesign in recognition of your high artistic quality as part of your participation in the international competition Luxembourg Art Prize 2023 organized by the museum in December

2023 - Circle Foundation for the Arts Circle Quarterly Art Review Magazine Contest Artistic Excellence Presnted to wwdesign
Certificate of Artistic Excellence awarded of the outstanding artwork submitted to the 10th International Cricle Quarterly Art Review Magazine Contest
The competition hosted on Circle Arts encompasses all fine art categories This recognition was achieved during the event held in November – December

2023 - Contemporary Celebrity Masters & Leaders Protagonists of Art at Washington Magazine
And Prize to the Artist Waldraut Hool- Wolf for the artistic value November Washington
Effetto Arte - Art Director Sandro Serradifalco & Salvatore Russo

2023 - Biancoscuro Rivista D’Arte October/November Magazine Art Paris+ Par Art Basel

2023 - Art Paris + Art Basel Paris
Paris Metropolitain Station Duroc Paris Exhibition Poster & Online Gallery October,

2023 - Biancoscuro Art Contest Premio Biancoscuro Art Exhibition Castello di Belgioioso confertio dalla Giuria Critica e da Biancoscuro Art Magazine a Waldraut Hool- Wolf

2023 - She lives and works in Switzerland Movement and strength are reflected in his works. The energy and courage of color and metal. Vibrant chromatic cleansing. Fluctuating signals of instrumental abstractions in a dynamic dance on trajectories of compositional vortices, this is the synthesis of his artistic research. In his works, an action of dynamic vision of energy, like a train of waves, high towards the hidden energy of the cryptic symbol, which. Mystery of life and form. A braking implpsion that can be contained thanks to the symbolist support of the author's subjective soul. An exultant revelation of a fourth dimension as a transfiguration of consciousness, pregnant with unprecedented visionary sensations of the metaphysical dream. The purity of the feelings that are expressed through the artist's works is palpable at first glance.
Direttore Biancoscuro Vincenzo Chetta

2023 - ATIM MASTERS AWARD to wwdesign For Outstanding Contribution To Arts & Culture New York, NY June 23rd, 2023 Top 60 stars of the year with the top award in the art world, nicknamed by the media as "The Oscars of The Visual Arts."
ArtTour International, New York, USA

2023 - ArtTour International Magazine proudly presents the ATIM MASTERS AWARD to wwdesign For Outstanding Contribution To Arts & Culture

2023 - ATIM'S TOP 60 MASTERS ArtTour International Magazine proudly presents the ATIM MASTERS AWARD to wwdesign For Outstanding Contribution To Arts & Culture
Something amazing happens when the creator gives himsef completely and surrenders to love – the painter becoming one with the canvas, the sculptor fusing with the stone. Art happens when the artist lets the masterpiece reveal itsef. Then there ist he fusion oft wo, with no one leading – just tow becoming one, just love and art in a vast universe. That is how master artist work and how masterpieces are created; More often than not, the masterpiece outlives the master and remains as a testament to the miracle that once took place, when creation brought to life a creator and when the creator produced what the world considers a precious gift. « - Viviana Puello Founder ArtTour International Magazine New York, NY June 23rd, 2023
& Art tour International ATIM'S TOP 60 MASTERS 2023 Magazine.
Top 60 stars of the year with the top award in the art world, nicknamed by the media as "The Oscars of The Visual Arts." ArtTour International, New York, USA

2023 - CIRCLE FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTS Art Certificate Awarded to wwdesign. May/June 2023

2023 - Feeling like you need a dose of inspiration? Here is an inspiring story from our Top Featured Artist!
Waldraut Wolf Top Featured Artist Vibrant Movements: A Close Look at Waldraut Wolf’s Paintings by Viviana Puello Waldraut Wolf’s paintings are a beautiful reflection of the human condition and the awe-inspiring beauty of the universe. Her abstract expressionist works are characterized by movement, power, and energy and showcase the artist’s bold use of color. With a keen eye for shapes and hues, Wolf’s works exude joy and positivity, making them a delight to behold. In this blog post, we’ll closely examine Waldraut Wolf’s art and explore what makes her paintings so captivating. Waldraut Wolf is a German-born artist known for her abstract expressionist works. Her paintings evoke a sense of raw emotion and intensity. With a passion for the human condition and the beauty of the universe, Waldraut’s paintings showcase vibrant colors, movement, power, and energy. Her paintings are characterized by bold brushstrokes, thick layers of paint, and dynamic shapes that reflect the passion and emotion that Waldraut pours into her work. She has exhibited her works in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Europe and the United States. Waldraut Wolf’s paintings are an explosion of color and movement. The artist has a keen eye for using vibrant colors that evoke a range of emotions in the viewer. From the intense yellows, oranges, and reds that signify energy and power to the soothing blues, greens, and purples that reflect calmness and serenity, every color in Wolf’s paintings is carefully chosen to convey a specific feeling or mood. One of the hallmarks of Wolf’s paintings is her bold use of shapes. Her works are characterized by irregular and amorphous shapes that interlock, overlap, and interact with each other. These shapes are never static and seem in constant motion as if the paintings are alive and breathing. Wolf’s paintings create a dynamic movement that pulls the viewer in, making them feel like they are part of the painting. Overall, Waldraut Wolf’s paintings testify to the power of color and shape. They are an invitation to explore the dynamic interplay of colors and shapes and revel in the beauty of movement and energy. Waldraut Wolf’s art is not just an explosion of color and shapes, but it also reflects the human condition. Her works speak about life experiences, emotions, and the human psyche. Through bold strokes, texture, and vibrant colors, Wolf portrays different states of the human mind, including love, fear, anger, and happiness. Wolf’s artwork, “Golden Light in and Around Us,” captures the beauty of life’s moments, even in challenging times. Through abstract strokes and bright colors, the painting portrays the delicate nature of the human experience and the connection to a higher power. It reminds us that vulnerability isn’t a weakness but a part of life that can lead to moments of great beauty. “Trust The Feelings in Life” is another artwork that mirrors the human experience. The painting represents our desire to escape from limiting societal expectations and live a genuine life. Its sweeping brushstrokes symbolize the human spirit’s tenacity to conquer obstacles and attain personal growth and freedom by following our inner voice. Waldraut Wolf’s art is exceptional because it connects with people from all backgrounds. Her pieces touch on the most profound human experience, offering something relatable to everyone. Whether it highlights the beauty of life or the intricacies of emotions, Waldraut Wolf’s art is impactful and memorable for any observer. The paintings of Waldraut Wolf are captivating as they exude a sense of joy, movement, and energy. Her vibrant colors and dynamic shapes invite viewers to explore the world she has created on canvas. The power and intensity of her brushstrokes generate a flurry of shapes and colors that seem to dance and sing. Her paintings portray a sense of freedom and spontaneity that is refreshing and invigorating. Wolf’s works express the joy of movement, energy, and the thrill of taking risks and breaking boundaries. She is fearless in using color and embraces the unknown while exploring the vastness of our universe. Painting, for Wolf, is not just creating a pretty picture; it’s exploring the human condition and celebrating the beauty of our world. Her paintings are a testament to the power of art to connect us to ourselves and others. Wolf’s vibrant colors and bold shapes invite us to experience the joy of movement and energy in our lives. She encourages us to take risks, break boundaries, and explore the endless possibilities within us all. By doing so, she reminds us of the infinite possibilities within us all. Viviana Puello Editor-in-Chief

2023 - The contemporary expression of wwdesign
BY DANIELA MALABAILA "Biancoscuro Art Magazine"
I was able to observe the public reaction to the works of Waldraut Hool-Wolf during a recent exhibition at Paint Art Fair (award-winning exhibition at BAC Winter Edition).
and I have never received the same feedback. Each visitor received a different reflection from the work, not only aesthetically or chromatically, but also emotionally. It was edifying to see someone identify with one of the faces that emerge from his work while others failed to notice, drawn by the complexity of the work as a whole. In fact, artworks often lend themselves to more personal interpretations, although the artist creates according to his own emotions and with an end goal, the viewer will always find his own truth in the composition, he will discover something of himself, exploring the soul of observed The artist on the canvas. The work that we can admire on this page speaks of feelings, of the heart, of the soul. Different characters characterize this work, different colors harmonize with the typical blue and turquoise tones. Waldraut lives and works in Switzerland, where she creates her works of art with great talent. We point out their latest activities, which as always have been very successful: Art Tour International Magazine USA 2023; Certified Finalist at Artexpo New York Art Fair 2023, International Prize Donattello Contemporary Celebrity Master Florence & Magazine 2023; Certificate of the Luxembourg Art Prize (2019, 2020, 2022); The International Best Modern and Contemporary Artist London Prize & Magazine; International Prize Barcelona & Magazine: Finalist Winner of the Exhibition Award at the BAC Winter Edition. The success of Waldraut Kunst is undisputed and quite understandable, the light that changes the returned movement also allows each work to speak about ourselves
Biancoscuro Art Contest: Exhibition & Art Magazin & Art Contest Magazin & Certificate

2023 - 10A Mostra Mercato d'Arte Moderna & Contemporanea Catalogo Espositori PaviArt Fair
Biancoscuro Arte

2023 - Circle Foundation Featured for the Artist Spotlight Magazine Artistc Excellence Awarded to wwdesign
Certificate presented for Artistic Excellence for artwork submitted in the CFA online art contest for publication on the covers of Spotlight Magazine held on Circle Arts webseit Myrina Tunberg Georgiou CFA Director

2023 - Artexpo New York Art Fair
Art Contest for exhibition within the World Wide Art & Artavita Certificate & Magazin

2023 - ARTtour Internatioal TOP FEATURED ARTIST Addicted to Art: The Unique Vision of Waldraut Hool-Wolf The visionary art of Waldraut Hool-Wolf has captivated viewers around the world. Her art is a unique expression of the soul that transcends physical boundaries, combining movement, power, energy, and the courage to use color. From wooden to metal canvases, Waldraut Hool-Wolf brings her hand to the spirit, creating powerful, inspiring, and beautiful compositions. Waldraut Hool-Wolf is an acclaimed German painter whose artwork has been exhibited and celebrated worldwide. Bold colors, expressive streaks, and unique compositions characterize her work. After many years of exploring different mediums and techniques, she has developed a distinct visual language that captures the spirit and energy of her subjects. She is passionate about her work and continues to challenge herself with new ideas and concepts. Hool-Wolf’s paintings have been featured in galleries, museums, and private collections, and her artwork has been celebrated for its originality and unique vision. “Bringing the hand to the spirit on the wooden wall, or metal, is a piece of soul that we make visible. My artwork reflects movement, power, energy as well as the courage to use color. It is the joy of shapes and colors. Art is the addiction in my life.” Hool-Wolf’s works are a testament to her courage and energy when it comes to using color. She has an eye for composition and movement and knows how to combine these elements to create captivating pieces. Her work often features bold colors and abstract shapes, which come together to create something that is both visually striking and emotionally powerful. Her artwork reflects her unique vision of the world – a vision that is dynamic and full of life. She has an innate sense of how colors interact and how different forms can be arranged in order to create something unique. Her works reflect her belief that art should be an expression of the soul and a celebration of life. Waldraut Hool-Wolf finds inspiration in the energy and power of movement, as well as her natural surroundings. She loves exploring shapes and colors in her artwork, pushing her boundaries to create something new and unique. Hool-Wolf is mainly inspired by nature and the rhythm of creation. She draws on her own emotions to bring her pieces to life, weaving together elements that reflect the strength and beauty of the natural world. Her vibrant works evoke a sense of energy and dynamism, capturing the spirit of life. Moreover, Hool-Wolf draws influence from other artists, seeking out the work of old masters, painters, sculptors, and photographers that capture her attention and inspire her creative process. Ultimately, Waldraut Hool-Wolf’s art reflects her unique perspective on the world around her. She draws from various sources and incorporates her own experiences into her work, creating powerful and expressive pieces that captivate viewers. During her creative process, she explores various mediums, such as wood, metal, and other materials. Depending on what inspires her, she will choose the suitable medium for the project. After gathering her materials, she begins to explore different methods of creating her works. With each step of the process, she takes time to reflect and adjust until she is satisfied with the final piece. This thoughtful approach is evident in her works, which are often characterized by bright colors, abstract designs, and an overall sense of energy and movement. Waldraut Hool-Wolf’s artwork is truly something to behold. Her works are full of life and motion yet have a delicate touch. The hand that brings the spirit to the wall is evident in every piece. The colors used are vibrant and energetic, and her vigorous brushstrokes create a sense of power. Her work is mesmerizing and draws you in with its complexity and beauty. Each painting is unique and individual, speaking to the soul in a way only art can. The art of Waldraut Hool-Wolf is an exploration into the depths of the human spirit. It allows the viewer to see beyond what we see with our eyes and experience a new level of beauty and understanding. Through her work, she has created something that everyone can feel and appreciate. The results of her artistry are stunning and will be admired for years to come.
ARTtour International Magazin USA. Viviana Puello Editor-in-Chief

2023 - Florence: Contemporary Celebrity Master & International Prize Donatello curated by Salvatore Russo & Francesco Saverio Russo, EL Effetto ARTE

2022 - Vibrant chromatic impulses in a dynamic dance By Vincenzo Chetta, Biancoscuro magazine Rivist D'Arte No.55 December 2022

2022 - London: The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists London Prize to the Artist Waldraut Hool- Wolf for the artistic value and ART International Contemporary Magazine. curated by Salvatore Russo & Francesco Saverio Russo, EL Effetto ARTE

2022 - Barcelona: International Prize Barcelona TROPHY to the Artist Waldraut Hool- Wolf for the Artistic value and ART International Contemporary Magazine
Exhibition within the EL Effetto Arte directed by Salvatore Russo

2022 - BIANCISCURO ART CONTEST Premio Biancoscuro Art Exhibition Innsbruck - Austria
conferito dalla Giuria Critica e da Biancoscuro Art Magazine a Waldraut Hool- Wolf
Biancoscuro Art Contest Certificate of Participation & Magazin

2022 - I received an official invitation today to attend the Prestigious PARIS INTERNATIONAL AWARD next October / 2022... It is one of the most prestigious art awards presented in the heart of PARIS. Important figures from the world of culture will be present at the ceremony and the talented artists will be presented with an important career award. In the June/July issue of Art International Contemporary magazine, an introductory article on the Paris International Prize; following the play, the publication of the artworks of the selected artists. The prize is awarded to the artists selected by Mr. Salvatore Russo and Francesco Saverio Russo.
- Video exhibition of works participating in the Carrousel du Louvre - Official Awards Ceremony: In a showroom in the Le Marais district…

2022 - The 54th International Artavita Online Art Contest
Finalist Certificate AWARDED to waldraut hool- wolf
For artwork distinguished in the 54th ARTAVITA Online Art Contest Copeting for publication in the 10th issue of World Wide Art Magazine
Issue Date – August 2022 AWARDED BY atravita Despina Tunberg Director of Artavita Online Gallery

Artbox. Projects Zurich Art Festival Zurich Main Station, Switzerland / you can see my artwork on the HD screens
Impressum Artist: wwdesign artworks and art statement
Publisher: ARTBOX.GROUPS GmbH /
Print: ARTBOX.PUBLISH Switzerland ISBN No. 978-3-0366-0162-5

2022 - my artwork is nominated for the "Art for Peace" Award
International Cultural Management (ICM)

2022 - Circle Foundation Featured Artist
Dear Waldraut, I am very pleased to let you know that your personal page on Circle Arts has been published. Myrina Tunberg Georgiou CFA Director

2022 - Biancoscuro Rivista D’Arte No.53 August/September 2022 Bimestrale D’Arte Cultura e Informazione, Arte Berlin, Art Vienna

2022 - Circle Foundatin for the Arts
Artist of the Month Competition Certificate of Excellence is hereby awarded to wwdesign For participation and distitnction of artwork that dispalays excellence in the 6th international CFA Artist of the Month competition held on the Circle Arts online platform, June 2022

2022 - BIANCOSCURO Art Magazine, Italy
Special: Art Basel, Art Monte-Carlo, Art Karlsruhe

BIANCOSCURO Art Contest, Italy

2022 - Circle Spotlight Magazine No.28, Publication in the next issue of Spotlight Magazine, France. May/June 2022

2020 - Luxembourg Art Prize 2020, Certificat

2019 - Wynwood – Walls Miami USA
the Artbox. Project Miami 2.0 presented my artwork at the Street - Art Wynwood – Walls Miami USA

2019 - Luxembourg Art Prize 2019, Certificat

2019 - Swiss Art Expo
the Artbox. Project Zürich 1.0 presented my artwork at the Swiss Art Expo Art Festival Zurich

2018 - 2019 BIANCOSCURO Art Contest
Publication of Artwork Magazine & Publication on our website (12 months);

2018 - PAKS Gallery, Art- Book Contemporary Art, AT

2018 - Artbox Projects New York 1.0 Publication of Artwork by Artis Waldraut Hool – Wolf
March 2018 "P. Zenklusen, CEO, Artbox.Groups"

2017 - Awarded Art International Vol 5 Contemporary Bock, Publication of Artwork by Artis Waldraut Hool – Wolf December 2017 Publisher Editor of the book: Diana Neugebauer

2017 - Art Award International Prize Andrea Mantegna Curated by Francesco Saverio Russo & Salvatore Russo 4th November 2017 – Social Theater Maotova to the Artist Waldraut Hool- Wolf for the stylistic value

2017 - Art International Contemporary Magazine
Editorial by Salvatore Russo The journey of the Art International Contemporary Magazine continues along new international routes. In this number will be devoted space to the most important ancient, modern and contemporary art museums in Berlin. The reader will be able to observe Egyptian, Babylonian and Islamic statues in addition to the most beautiful works of modern art by Andy Warhol and his America colleagues. Great space is dedicated to Italian painting that has made museums in the German capital, a point of world interest. “Horse fever” is an editorial of great interest to see how the horse’s figure has developed through the last 100 years of history. Picasso, Paladino, de Chirico, Sassu and many others, are the artists of this fascinating “pictorial tale”. The reader will get to know Lu. C.C.A. Museum, which hosted the “Genesis the Wounded Canvas” by Alina Ditot, curated by Salvatore Russo. An exhibition that brings informal contemporary art to the most beautiful stages of international art. Rome, decides to dedicate an exhibition to the King of Cubism, Pablo Picasso, and we will talk about it through a broad service. Where? To the Quirinal Stables; this is the location of the great exhibition. The city of Mantua becomes the venue of the Andrea Mantegna international Award. Artists from all over the world have been invited to receive this great recognition. To love art means to protect it from all those who want to destroy it. Art International Contemporary Magazine is an in-depth magazine that seeks to tell the story of art seen through the eyes of those who love it. In my interview with the artist Odd Nerdrum, he told me art also needs enemies. I think he’s right. Without enemies, art would only be a beautiful flower without its perfume. The journey is still long. And we are tireless “marathoners”.
“Directed by Salvatore Russo / September/October 2017”

2017 – Art Basel THE ARTBOX.PROJECT Basel 1.0 / EUROAIRPORT 14th to 18th June 2017
The exhibition takes place on an area of 300m2 and is during the Art Basel Art Week June 2017. Art Basel in Basel (Switzerland) in the exhibition Eventspace on an oversized screen. THE ARTBOX.PROJECT Basel 1.0 I am a Part of it
14th to 18th June 2017

2017 - International Prize Cristoforo Colombo Art Explorer
Curated by Francesco Saverio Russo & Salvatore Russo Genova – Auditorium of Aquarium February 18th 2017
to the Artist Waldraut Hool – Wolf

2017 - International Prize Cristoforo Colombo Art Explorer MAGAZINE
Publication of Artwork by Artist Waldraut Hool – Wolf
Februray 2017 Directed by Salvatore Russo

The event will take place at Auditorium of Genova Aquarium (Ponte Spinola, 1) on 18th February 2017

2017 - Başak Malone LLC , New York Gallery Tours Art Projects, Publications & Tours THE NEW OLLECTORS’ BOOK 5th Edition The Book will also be distributed the Art Fairs in New York City during the months of March and May 2017. The Book will be available for purchase at Amazon as well as through The New Collectors’ Book store online and at the Başak Malone LLC website. who showed in Modern Art Museum and Guggenheim Museum in New York as well as many major museums and galleries in the world.
waldraut hool-wolf
waldraut hool-wolf
Exhibition in New York Contest World Wide & Artavita Artexpo New York Art Fair 2023
Biancoscuro Art Exhibition Contest 2022 - 2023
2016 - Başak Malone LLC , New York Gallery Tours Art Projects, Publications & Tours THE NEW COLLECTORS’ BOOK 5th Edition The Book will also be distributed the Art Fairs in New York City during the months of April, May 2016 and March and May 2017. The Book will be available for purchase at Amazon as well as through The New Collectors’ Book store online and at the Başak Malone LLC website. who showed in Modern Art Museum and Guggenheim Museum in New York as well as many major museums and galleries in the world.

Verona Italy – June 9th–12th 2016 - 1st Triennale of contemporary art – PalaExpo Verona Fair
NEW York - October 13th, 2016 – Start h 6 pm, at Jolly Madison Towers Hotel 22 E, 38th St. – New York
Washington – October 16th, 2016 – Start h 6 pm, at Sofitel Washington DC Lafayette Hotel,Square 806,15th St. NW, Washington / “Will occur: the editor: Mr. Sandro Serradifalco. The art consultant: Mr. Pietro Serradifaco and the conference interpreter Mr. Manuele Pirrone.”

2016 – Shakespeare in Art Award Verona, Palaexpo June 10th 2016, to the Artist waldraut hool- wolf
Curado: Salvatore Russo & Francesco Saverio Russo

2016 - The 21st Century Art Book The Twenty First Century, Italy
Now, it’s time to do something for all those realwald artists who didn’t still receive what they deserve. From here idea to give life to international catalog that could contain all those beautiful artistic realities that really have something, to communicate and they do it through experimentation, survey and research. Those abstract, informal, figurative and conceptual realities that we had the honor and the luck to deal with, during our professional path. A dangerous path, if you walk it alone, because full of dangers. In years, we are in search of new valid realities that could go down on history. For the presentation of the volume, we have chose Verona, because we think is the right place to affirm a new artistic ideology. In Italy, as abroad, new artistic movements rise,but they really don’t change anything. Now, we are sure that everyone can be an artist, and if wethink it, we are terribly wrong. Art is not for the “illiterate of the sign”, those”artists”who are not able to give us a proof of their questions or joys. In this catalog, “. The XXI century Art Book” in answer to all these questions, the artists who through their art confess their moods, emotions, anxieties, beauties, dreams, grudges, find their place.
.”May 2016, Text:Salvatore Russo & Francesco Saverio Russo”

2016 – WECONTEMPORARY the Faces of Contemporary ART International art Catalog
“MUSA International Art Space Italien“

2016 – ART International Contemporary MAGAZINE / Publication of Skulpture Lady of the hat by Artis Waldraut Hool – Wolf “Mar/Apr 2016 Salvatore Russo“

2016 – Premio Internationale Tiepolo Arte Milano 2016 Waldraut Hool – Wolf, vive e lavora a Zurigo in Svizzera. Nella sua scutura si riscontra movimento, forza, energia e coraggio. In un tributo di gioia e forme. Sue opere figurano in collezioni pubbliche e private di vari paesi del mondo. “April/May 2016 Sandro Serradifalco“

2016 - Premio Internationale Tiepolo Arte Milano 2016 Waldraut Hool – Wolf lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland. Sculpture is to be found in its movement, Strength, energy and courage. In a tribute to joy and shapes. Her works are in public and private Collections in different countries of the world “April/May 2016 Sandro Serradifalco“

2016 – Premio Internationale Tiepolo Arte Milano 2016 Artista Waldraut Hool – Wolf Per il rilevante impegno artistico / Artist Waldraut Hool – Wolf for significant artistic commitment “Milano, Palazzo Clerici April 2016”

2016 - MEMBRO ASSOCIATO ONORARIO E SOSTENITORE 2016 NOMINA CONFERITA A Hool – Wolf Waldraut IN OCCASIONE DEL PREMIO INTERNAZIONALE D’ARTE DEDICARO A il David di Gian Lorenzo Bernini Accademia Italia in Arte nel Mondo Associazione Culturale Lecce, 17 dicembre 2015 Mr. G.Paisiello
waldraut hool-wolf
waldraut hool-wolf
International Art Award "il David di Gian Lorenzo Bernini" 2015 awarded: Hool-Wolf Waldraut
Premio Speciale per i Diritti Umani 2015 Special Award Human Rigths Prix Spécial Droits de l'Homme Omaggio ANNE FRANK & ACCADEMIA International Art Award "il David di Gian Lorenzo Bernini" 2015 awarded: Hool-Wolf Waldraut
International art award "il David di Gian Lorenzo Bernini" 2015 verliehen: Hool-Wolf Waldraut Academy Art in Italy In the First World Cultural Association Lecce, December 17, 2015 The ancient theater "Mr.G. Paisiello"

2015 - Special Prize for Human Rights 2015 Special Award for Human Rigths Prix Spécial Droits de l'Homme Tribute to Anne Frank (1945-2015) - In the 70th Anniversary Event perpetrated by the Nazis in the concentration camp of Bergen - Belsen, to the detriment of the young Anne Frank, In the years that followed, the name of Anne Frank became a symbol of the Holocaust and took the honors of world literature, for his diary he wrote, in hiding, before being deported.
2015 - Special Prize for Human Rights and Human Rights Awarded to Hool – Wolf Waldraut In order to contribute not only to the dissemination and expansion of art, but also over and transversely, with its own intellectual effort, The conquest of freedom and the exercise of rights for people all over the world
Academy Art in Italy In the First World Cultural Association Lecce, December 17, 2015 The ancient theater "Mr.G. Paisiello"

2015 - Premio Speciale per i Diritti Umani 2015 Special Award Human Rigths Prix Spécial Droits de l’Homme Omaggio a Anna Frank (1945 – 2015) – Nel 70 Anniversario dell’Evento perpetrato dai Nazisti, nel campo di concentramento di Bergen – Belsen, in danno della giovanissima Anne Frank, Negli anni che seguirono, il nome di Anne Frank divenne il simbolo della Shoah e assunse agli Onori della letteratura mondiale, per il suo Diario che scrisse, in clandestinità, prima di essere deportata. Conferito a Hool – Wolf Waldraut Per aver contribuito, con il proprio impegno intellettuale, non solo alla divulgazione e all’espansione dell’Arte, ma, soprattutto e transversalmente, alla conquista della Libertà e dell’Esercizio del Diritto per gli uomini di tutto il mondo Accademia Italia In Arte Nel Mondo Associazione Culturale Lecce, 17 dicembre 2015, Antico Teatro “Mr.G. Paisiello“

2015 - Academy Year 2015 International Award's il David di Gian Lorenzo Bernini With the High Recognition Awarded Hool-Wolf Waldraut The honorary committee, wants to appreciate the artistic activity, because the example shows a meaningful grace ideological, Realized with tireless commitment, into the folds of the most extensive art history of contemporary art history. Italian World Academy of Art Lecce (Italy), December 17th , 2015 Mr. G.Paisiello

2015 - Anno Accademia 2015 Premio Internazionale il David di Gian Lorenzo Bernini Con l'Alto Riconoscimento Conferito a Hool- Wolf Waldraut Il Comitato d’Onore, intende apprezzare l’attività artistica svolta dall’lnsignito poiché, in essa, si trova l’esempio di una sensibile grazia ideativa, realizzata con instancabile impegno, che si insinua nell pieghe della piu ampia Storia dell’Arte Contemporanea. Accademia Italia arte del Mondo Lecce (Italia), 17 dicembre 2015 Mr.G.Paisiello

2015 – Awarded- Art International Germany. Publication, Skulpturen: Blondes Gift, Elton John, Audrey Hepburn, Stevie Wonder and Stamp by Artist Waldraut Hool – Wolf “Publisher / Editor D.Neubauer“

2015 - Artavita 17th Online Art Contest Certificate of Excellence is hereby granted to waldraut hool- wolf for artwork entered in the 17th Oline Artavita Contest Despina Tunberg, Director of, Issued December 10, 2015

2015 - THE BEST 2015 Modern and Contemporary ARTISTS / Nov 2015 - Edinburgh The faces of the artist Waldraut Hool- Wolf narrate with effectiveness the world and the female figure. Supporthed by an already mature and refined style, the artist proposes a form of art original and innovative. of which shall elect, to represent the best ist shapes soft and modern, the woman, caught in ist most natural expressiveness, elegant as the flow of matter that forged it. "Salvatore Russo"

THE BEST 2015 Modern and Contemporary ARTISTS I volti dell’ artista Waltraud Hool- Wolf narrano con efficacia il mondo e la figura femminile. Supportata da uno stile gia maturo e raffinato, I‘ artista propone una forma d’arte originale e innovativa, di cui elegge, per rappresentare al meglio le sue sagome leggere e moderne, la donna, colta nelle sue piu naturali espressivita, elegante come il flusso della material che l’ha forgiata. „Salvatore Russo"

2015 - THE BEST 2015 Modern and Contemporary ARTIST
Contemporary art is a battlefield, in which wounded, victims and men, who thanks to their ability, try to survive. They are the same people we Want to take care about. In this volume l will not talk about soldiers, but artist. Artists who everyday fight to affirm their ideas, to defend Their values, that correspond to precise stylistic choices, in order to emerge in the Art Theatre, a theatre that has too much walks on and few protagonists. Choosing these artists, we felt as directors: we had the task to organize our cast as if we wanted to realize a film. Our work, involved around thousand “actors”, that, at the end give life to the structure of our volume. A volume, “The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists”, that collects a series of great sign interpreter. Each artist shows us, through his artworks, his most intimate secrets, his fears, joys, the beauty of our world and the beauty of cosmos. We talked before about Contemporary art saying it’s like a battlefield; it is so. It’s an extraordinary battlefield in which the soldier/artist doesn’t need to hyde himself, but he has to face the enemy, with all his weapons to defeat him. In this prestigious volume we find real warriors, artists who give themselves a challenge through their art. What we want to teach to people who deal with art, is that General are dead and now it’s time for the new soldier to fight and win the hardest battle.
“Text: Curated Salvatore Russo / Marzo 2015”

2015 - THE BEST 2015 Modern and Contemporary ARTIST
L’Arte Contemporanea é un campo di battaglia lungo il quale avvengono continui scontri. Feriti, vittime e uomini che, grazie alla loro abilità, Riescono nella difficile impres chiamata; sopravvivenza. E proprio di queste persone che noi vogliamo occuparci. Ovviamente in questo volume, non si parlerà di soldati, ma di Artisti. Si parlerà proprio di quegli Artisti che ogni giorno lottano per affermare le proprie idee, per difendere I propri ideali. Che corrispondono a precise scelte stilistiche, al fine di emergere in un teatro dell’Arte, che ha troppe comparse E pochi veri attori protagonisti. Nella scesti Artisti, ci siamo immedesinati nel ruolo di Registi, con il compito di comporre il propio cast, per Realizzare un film. La scelta ha coinvolto migliaia di possibili “attori”, che alla fine si sono concretizzati nella scelta degli Artisti che trovate all’interno del volume. Un volume, questo, “The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists”, che racchiude al suo interno, una serie di grandi interpreti del segno. Ogni Artista ci testimonia, attraverso le sue opere, I suoi piu intimi segerti, le sue paure, le sue gioie, le bellezze del nostro mondo o quelle, ben piu lontane, del cosmo. Abbiamo parlato prima, dell’Arte Contemporanea, paragonandola ad un campo di battaglia; ebbene si, é uno straordinario campo di battaglia in cui il soldato/artista non deve restare nascosto in trincea, ma deve affrontare il suo nemico, impugnando le armi per sconfiggerlo. In questo prestigioso volume troviamo veri guerrieri; Artisti che si mettono in gioco e lo fanno attraverso la propria Arte. Quello che vorremmo far capire a tutti quegli addetti al settore Arte, ancora troppo ancorati alle catene illusorie dell’esaltazione del Maestri storicizzati, é che, i Generali sono morti e il loro posto é stato preso da nuovi soldati, capaci di vincere, le guerre piu difficili.
“Text: Curated Salvatore Russo / Marzo 2015

2015 - ARTISTA & UNICEF Sep/Okt 2015 A timeless portrait of Audrey Hepburn, in one of his most famous expressions. Timeless, because not only they and a symbol that belongs to everyone, but because in art immortalized a modern sculpture, and as the treasure chest, which he will treasure forever chiseled its beauty. A timeless beauty of a sculpture of refined execution Technology and aesthetics "Martina Caliri, Effetto Arte"

2015 - Artavita, USA September 2015 This was the largest contest we have organized to date, with 458 participating artists and 1305 works. As you can imagine, judging was extremely difficult, as there were many superb works. Your work W.Hool- Wolf was among the runners-up, and in the coming weeks, we will be sending you a certificate of excellence.Best regards, and congratulations on your beautiful work! Thomas Tunberg, Director, Artavita, USA

waldraut hool-wolf
waldraut hool-wolf
The Best Modern & Contemporary Artists 2015, Premio Internazionale Tiepole Arte Milano 2016, Shakespeare in Art 2016, Internationale Prise Cristoforo Colombo 2017, International Prize Andrea Mantegno 2017, Trophy International Prize Paris 2022, International Prize Barcelona Trophy 2022, The Best Modern & Contemporary London Prize 2022, 1"International Prize Donatello 2023

Artista per & unicef 2015
on the Cover - Waldraut Hool-Wolf - Skulptur: Cat Lady – 2014
2014 - On the Cover - Waldraut Hool-Wolf my sculpture: Cat Lady - Art Journal Effetto Italy Sep./Oct. 2014 as well art- Picture The Artist Waldraut Hool- Wolf represents in the painting a glimpse of Spring. The painting is realized oil on canvas, and ist peculiarity ist hat the artist wanted to give to the oil color a light thickness. She chose soft shades without abusing of light and shadows, but well balancing the different colors‘ shades in ordert o turn this painting into a real blast of flowers and fresh fragrances able to catch the attention of the observer,woh will start to travel inside these explosion enjoying of ist frehness and peaceful colors. „Sandro Serradifalco“

Una manufestazione artistica culturale dall’aspetto giovane e dinanuco dove le star saranno poere di pittura, fotografia, installazione, video arte e grafuca, originali, cool, ma soprattutto Street&Pop a prezzi accessibili per avvicinare tutti da un collezionismo unico e originale. The Jambo Art 2014, avrà luogo all’interno del padiglione 25 di BolognaFiere durante la manifestazione The Jambo che nel 2013 ha visto protagonisti 40’000 visitatori, oltre a 160 professionisti tra atleti, musicisti ed artisti, riscuotendo un enorme successo mediatico. Un appuntamento unico e imperdibile per collezionisti e appasionati d’arte, che oltre ad acquistare opere d’arte di sicuro interesse artistico avranno la possibilità di assistere a concerti dei migliori esponenti del rap italiano e I appreaentanti piu celebri della “old school” americana come I Public Enemy. Inoltre noltissime saranno le novità per questa edizione The Jambo Art 2014, prima fra tutte l’iniziativa “L’unicità sta nel dettaglio” un premio contest realizzato e fortemente voluto da MODE ITALIA, sponsor ufficiale della manifestazione. Da sempre gli artisti si basano sulla scienza per trovare nuove tecniche e nuovi materiali per esprimere al meglio la propria creatività. Non bisogna andare nemmeno troppo lontano, basti pensare a Leonardo da Vinci, il primo ad osservare la natura con l’intento di “imitarla”, la pura sintesi tra un artista ed un ingegnere che ha saputo sfruttare l’arte per qualsiasi progetto tecnico. Cosi l’idea, cosi l’occasione!
Perché non avvicinare l’arte la prodotto tecnologico per eccellenza dei nostri tempi, perché non riunire insieme cio che nacque già unito? L’unicità sta nel dettaglio, ovvero scegliere lo smartphone di punta della linea MODE ITALIA e realizzare delle personalizzazioni sia sulla scocca che negli screen a carattere artistico e quale occasione migliore per indire un concorso se non durante il “The Jambo Art”, manifestazione che si svolge in concomitanza al “The jambo”, 3 giorni in cui la cultura pop e street la faranno da padrone nella cornice Bolognese dal 6 all’ 8 giugno 2014.
“Text: segreteria organizzativa aem The Jambo freestyle urban park” &

2014 - Artisti a NEW YOURK 2014 International Artists at the New York Artexpo A really fine sign analysis those of waldraut hool- wolf An analysis that starts from precise stylistic rules to reach the reworking of signs, giving life, in this way, to a new soul alphabet. A painting that finds in expressive dynamism its main feature. A dynamism created though the Brilliant of shapes and the chromatic deepness. "Salvatore Russo"

2014 - Artisti a NEW YOURK 2014 International Artists at the New York Artexpo Un’analisi segnica molte raffinata quella di hool- wolf waldraut, Un’analisi che parte da precisi canoni stilstici per poi arrivare a rielaborare il segno, creando cosi, un nupvo alfabeto dell’anima, Una pittura che ha nel dinamismo espressivo la sua caratteristica principale. Un dinamismo che viene generato attraverso la genialità della forma e la profondità cromatica. „Salvatore Russo“

2014 - Arte Book Genova 2014
10a Mostra Mercato d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea
Artisti presentati a Contemporary Art Talent Show
pagina: 204 / Mai 2014

2013 – Segnalati 2013
Il Catalogo d’Arte “Segnalati” nasce con il preciso intent, di dar voce a quelle realtà, che si stanno affermando con forza, all’interno del variegate panorama artistico contemporaneo. A quelle realtà che, con
la loro “linguistica creative”, fanno provare emozioni sincere in chi le osserva. In questa raccolta troviamo I piu grandi interpreti dell’arte. Quegli artisti che, attraverso la loro arte, sia essa figurative, informale, astratta, concettuale, fotografica o scultorea, ridefiniscono, in modo del tutto personale, I valori da dare al segno. Li definirei, come I nuovi “custodi del talent”. Osservando attentamente il Catalogo, si incontreranno melodiche visioni poetiche, taciti sussurri dell’anima, urla della psyche, pensieri che vanno oltre I malesseri dell’uomo per ritrovare una nuova luce. Artisti, capaci di narrarci visivamente, I loro pensieri piu intimi. Pensieri non piu rinchiusi nei carceri della dimentricanza. Pensieri che analizzano le realtà terrene e ce ne proiettano la sintesi. Pensieri che hanno la stessa forza evocative dei dieci comandamenti. Attraverso un’attenta analisi critica ho selezionato quelli che a mio aviso sono I very divulgatori della bellezza dell’arte. Di quel tipo di arte, che và protetta da coloro i quali ne vogliono la morte. Quell’arte la cui grande valenza và ricercata nella mente del suo creatore. Quell’arte che si trova a lottare ogni giorno contro I vari stereotipi cognitive e paradossi visive propagandati dai cosiddetti “intellettuali” del segno. Questa raccolta artistica ha l’obiettivo di sconfiggere la tirannia del tempo. Artisti, dunque, da far rimanere in quei capitoli della storia dell’Arte da tramandare ai posteri. Artisti le cui profezie visive delineano il percorso, lung oil quale, vaga la genialità della mente. Artisti, le cui opera, costituiscono dei very e propri pilastri sui quali costruire le fondamenta della nuova arte mondiale.
“Text: Salvatore Russo / May 2013”

2013 - ART-BOOK Segnalati
"Art- critic” His words about my Artwork Confessions on canvas. Visual indication of the thoughts "soul" dialogues of characters and colours. These are the important features of a painting, the Waldraut Hool Wolf is his greatest interpreters. An artist who is characterized by the high level of creative energy and linguistic performance. An artist who delivers to you new interpretative key, read in motor and language, and to read it again with great attention. Commodity values are placed in the scene, the values in the genius of synthesis and in the elaborate language the colors have your policy. Through his works, the artist lead the audience in these new universes, in which the characters are not followed by an absurd rationality but are driven directly from the heart of the artist.
“Text: Salvatore Russo / May 2013”

2013 - Competition SWISS ARTIST CONTEST 2013 The Arts Forum International (KFI) organized under the patronage of the Municipality Meisterschwanden, the community Casacanditella (Chieti), Italy, the art magazine Futuro contemporaryart and Gallery Del Mese-Fischer, the second competition Swiss Artist Contest in 2013, specifically to promote and develop contemporary art , the discovery of interesting artists from all over Switzerland, in order to begin this successful cooperation. Article 1 SELECTIONS The first selection is made by the International Commission of Fine Arts Forum, and 80 works of painting and selected 10 works of sculpture. The selected works will be in the showrooms of KFI in Meisterschwanden of 25 May to 8 Issued in June 2013. Article 2 SELECTIONS The second selection is made in Meisterschwanden of the Cultural Commission of Casacanditella (Chieti), Italy, which selects 50 works of painting and 10 works of sculpture. The selected works will be from 9 to 18 Issued August 2013 in the premises of the Palazzo Comunale of Casacanditella (Chieti), Italy. Opening and awards take place on Friday, 9 August 2013 by 19 clock instead and will be opened by mayor Giuseppe D'Angelo. The artists selected for the exhibition in Casacanditella be informed immediately. Article 3 SELECTIONS The third selection takes into Casacanditella (Chieti), Italy on 08 August 2013 instead. The jury that will award the first, second and third prize is made up as follows: Dr.ssa Maria Cristina Ricciardi, Università degli Studi "G. d'Annunzio" of Chieti-Pescara. Prof. Angelo Calabrese, art critic and art historian, editor of art magazine Futuro. Dott. Michele Di Giuseppe, Beni Culturali.

2013 - Art-Book Segnalati: May 4th 2013/4pm will be presented in Brussels, the art book "Segnalati" Amart Gallery, Rue Dejoncker, 34 (Goulet Louise) - 1060 Bruxelles A Book of International Contemporary Art Curated by Salvatore Russo Art Critic Salvatore Russo His words about my Art- work from 13th February 2013 The work is of excellent quality I lavori dell'artista sono di grande qualità Ti abbraccio Salvatore Russo

2013 - Art- Book ICA Publishing NY May 2013
Art, a diverse universe with works varying from from appallingly bad to extraordinary wonderful. One would expect thate the most accomplished artistis, the most skilled, the artistically superior would prevail in the art community, would be having the most commissions, would be participating in shows and exhibitions, in other works they would become successful living artists. And yet, many of those are – far from being successful- starving artists. Why? What do they do wrong, or less, or worse than others? How come artists less skilled thrive? Therefore, it is a logical assumption that promoting one’s work is as important as being good at what he does. Actually, in some cases being good is not what counts; being connected is. Numerous examples of artists, nowadays considered masters, were starving, not only in difficult times in the past, but also in more recent years. This is why l am always amazed and puzzled by the fact that many artists- no matter how good they really are- are reluctant to put an effort into promoting their work in any way they can think of.
Unfortunately our world is a tough one and as the song goes “when the going gets tough, the tough get going!” Naturally not everybody has the same financial means or the time to dedicate to such a challenging task, but where there is a will there is a way. Exploring the marketing and promotion possibilities is of course a question that is simply too large and complicated to be studied, analyzed and explained in a publisher’s note.
Here’s only some food for thought, in sifficult times as the ones we live in.
“Publisher, Curator Eve Lemonidou”

2013 - ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH 15TH Contemporary Art Fair / 10 - 13 October 2013 / Kongresshaus Zurich NEWSPAPERS 2013 ART INTERNATIONAL Zurich 2013 15th International Fair of Contemporary Art 11-13 October 2013 / Kongresshaus Zurich, Switzerland The Fair: ART INTERNATIONAL Zurich 2013 is full of promise for the next autumn, lively and diversified. A strong choice of contemporary artists and gallerists coming from 20 countries and representing actual styles of painting, graphics, sculpture and photography, will be shown in the City of Zurich. A top class art event - lively and animated with 100 exhibitors from 20 countries! The 15th ART INTERNATIONAL Zurich brings together 100 international exhibitors in the Kongresshaus. Such an international dimension is exceptional on art fairs and a durable fascination for the visitors. This Art fair offers from 11th until 13th October 2013 a interdisciplinary and interactive meeting point between artists, gallerists, collectors and a wide art-loving public. The Kongresshaus invites to personal discussion within a panoramic view of contemporary art, through selected works. ART INTERNATIONAL Zurich is one of the important and well established art events in Switzerland: modern and young art is relaxed exhibited ... new discoveries included! The 15th ART INTERNATIONAL Zurich opens in the Kongresshaus, 11th- 13th October 2013, open from 11:00 a.m. until 20:00 p.m.

2013 - AFFORDABLE ART FAIR MILANO 2013 The Affordable Art Fair Milan 2013 March 07-10 2013 |SuperstudioPiù| Mailand Back Affordable Art Fair Milan, the leading international fair for contemporary art with a price limit. Born in London in 1999 by Will Ramsay AAF has accessed the goal of making art and easier to understand. The aim is to popularize contemporary art in a fun, unconventional and creative, with a young audience and encourage new collectors. Approximately 70% of visitors were aged between 25 and 50 years and over 50% of visitors AAF buy his first piece of art. The first Italian edition of the Affordable Art Fair in February 2011 took place at SuperstudioPiù in Milan, was a huge success, drawing over 9,000 visitors for the 60 participating galleries and the resulting turnover of 1 million works of art. Attended by over 400 journalists! AAF continues to be a successful formula, and is the leading platform for contemporary art internationally. Under € 5,000 with annual events in 10 cities and 4 continents (and increasingly around the world) It's about the obstacles to the purchase of contemporary art to remove, attracts people who do not usually frequent galleries, as well as those who do not. From first time buyers experienced collectors: the AAF that art be accessible for everyone shows. AAF Milan 2012 covers: 4000 sqm total, 75 international galleries, a major communication and marketing plan with key media partnerships that will ensure a great burden, and our great outdoor advertising campaign (subway stations, trains, trams ). We expect more than 12,000 visitors and a reasonable increase in technology sales. The leading international trade fair for contemporary art under € 5,000 After the success of the first Italian EDITION RETURNS Affordable Art Fair in Milan. MORE 'space, more' galleries more '... ART FOR A GREAT INTERNATIONAL EVENT! For the Milan edition of 2012, more than 12,000 visitors are expected to more than 9,000 of the first edition. The participating galleries, due to demand, increased from 60 to 75, and thus the exhibition space has grown: 4000 square feet of space for international artists and the many services of the exhibition are offered. There are many new features of this second edition of Milan. Competitions, meetings with experts, partnerships and much more! The great success of the leading international exhibition of art with a limit of a young and dynamic place, where you can admire guaranteed, without pressure and in an atmosphere of fun, art works from painting to sculpture to problems limited to photography and with artists , curators and experts in the world of contemporary art. Accessibility is also guaranteed by the prices inevitably exposed. Services "AAF" helps new and existing collectors the world of art approach: a wrapping station that works buy bring a packing service to to your home, enabled by a children's area with art workshops especially smaller to create space and workshops and demonstrations techniques to open all and free of charge. Are also significant partnerships with companies (from lake to Bisol Mikamai and Epson), which will be "AAF" visibility and professionalism, as well as major media partnership (including Corriere della Sera / Vivimilano, City, Artribune, Art & Dossier, Ars ) and a fun and massive Advertising campaign "AAF" and "cross" by Milan trams, subways, billboards, magazines and Web .. The new artistic promise, investments and technology trend of 2012 show!

2012 - The Exhibition in the Town Hall from Casacanditella Chieti Italy of the 24th November to 1th December 2012 the Mayor Giuseppe D’Angelo will open the Exhibition As Adriano Stutz, president of International Art Forum mentioned the occasion of the “Vernissage” opening-speech, the exhibition of 24th November to 1th December 2012 held in the parish hall of Casacanditella Chieti. This exhibition has also been published in the art magazine Futuro Edition No. 25 September/Oktober/November 2012 the Mayor Giuseppe D’Angelo from Casacanditella (Chieti) Italy has shown interest to have converted some of the Artworks to Italy and this in an exhibition in the Town Hall from November 24th to 1th December 2012 to present.

2012 - Futuro contemporaryart No.25 September/Oktober/November 2012 Gallery Del Mese-Fischer, Meisterschwanden Switzerland 13th October to 10th November 2012 Exhibition and ol in the Art- Journal FOTURO contemporaryart No.25 Iussed, of the end on September 2012

2012 - Swiss Artist Contest 2012-10-18 13th October to 10th November 2012 permanent exhibition at the Gallery Del Mese-Fischer Meisterschwanden Switzerland presented 51 works to see, which were intended for the Swiss Artist Contest 2012 were provided. The pictures and objects is a selection of 811 works submitted. With great enthusiasm in the president Adriano Stutz Art Forum International embedded artists communicated earlier this year that one of broadened to the whole of Switzerland, the term competition “Swiss Artist Contest 2012” is planned. The aim was that the artists involved with a work on the elimination and find a sponsor to support them in certain areas. For artists such as for sponsors should be a win-win situation where should fall on fertile ground across Switzerland. The number of submitted works exceeded all expectations: 811 artists from all regions of the country registered for the contest. Unfortunately, the organizers made a health break a spoke in the bill. A routine operation for Enzo Del Mese not brought the expected healing process, so you reluctantly decided to cancel the planned long in competition, Without resonance but not the whole thing should remain. They decided to make a selection and some of the works yet to show in the Gallery Del Mese-Fischer. The selected images and objects form a representative cross section of the submitted works. There was a colorful composite kaleidoscope of different arts and styles: Abstract art comes together with the representational, Textiles harmonizes with filigree work from paper, archaic sculptures form a charming symbiosis with artfully make photographs. As a side effect of the exhibition is another positive aspect: the mayor Giuseppe D'angelo from Casacanditella (Chieti), has shown interest to have converted some plants to Italy and this in an exhibition in the Town Hall from November 26 to 1 December 2012 to present. Possible co-operation is as wide network of gallery owner Enzo Del Mese has in recent years. Already more than 30 years he has performed in Italy, known gallery, before the one opened in Meisterschwanden. This released in 1993 also increased the Art Forum International, and it created relationships with other cultural centers in Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Spain and America. The artists involved are encouraged in all areas and it is a very special peeled out of her personality. ON NEW involved The competition is designed to encourage the viewer to make an inspiring walk through the wide range of art. Everything is possible if you look at some surprising insights and new perspectives. Because of the exhibition, other than planned, no competition is based on the term "art" to be handled for something more elastic than usual Define the term "art" is in any case as far as and as endless as the sea. To argue about it would be futile. If we believe the words of, is the only serious art from the world while the artist is the one who is never serious. Even alone, this quote you can see the contradictions that hide in the term "art." Art is what you look at yourself as a work of art. Or, to put it in the words of Wassily Kandinsky: "Art is a complex phenomenon that can not really interpret and subject to countless emotions". Everything is in everything: in art you have to be open-minded, no matter what area. Only then one can see the real message that the artist wants his work to transform the viewer. An attempt was made to set the bar as high as possible and the visitors to present an exhibition that makes him curious and filled with all my heart. Postponed is not abandoned: Was it for health reasons not possible, the "Swiss Art Contest 2012" carried out as planned, you want to pick up on the ambitious project again next year. The artists involved are oriented at the appropriate time on terms and conditions. Text: Margrit Rüetschi SPONSOR: RBL CONSULT TREUHAND Zürich

2012 - Swiss Artist Contest 2012 The Exhibition to cancel an appointment New date will be announced soon! because of an unforeseen problem. We wanted to share accurate information and not always make the end-amendments. Now we are able to provide the following information is known. Mr. Del Mese had to undergo surgery which foresaw the expected recovery time of two months, but it unfortunately it was six months. He is the real engine of the organization, the person can easily put together the huge exhibitions and succeeds bring the individual works exhibited in the right light. Without the active presence of Mr. Del Mese we have to inform you with regret that we must cancel the Swiss Artist Contest 2012th Nevertheless, we want to perform an exhibition in October 2012 with the selection of about 40 registered plants, contemporaryart in collaboration with the Gallery Del Mese-Fischer and the art magazine Futuro. The selected works will be 10th in the Gallery space Del Mese-Fischer, Meisterschwanden Switzerland from 13th October to Issued in 10th November 2012 and all of the art magazine Futuro No. 25 contemporaryart published, which will be published in late September summer with regards Art Forum International

2012 - EXHIBITION: Art Savour in Sachsen ends on 1th May Waldenburg (fp). By 1th May, the exhibition "Art in Sachsen Savour" in Waldenburg castle is still visible. Artists from Switzerland, Austria and Germany will present paintings and sculptures in the former hospital rooms of the palace. On the last day of the exhibition there will be a closing event for the finale. Provided a tour of the exhibition and a baroque concert with members of the ensemble and Amadeus a soloist of the Saxon organ academy. published on 25th April 2012

2012 - ART SAVOUR IN SACHSEN / December 2011 - May 2012 Groups-Exhibitions: Titles "Art Savour in Sachsen" The Patrons of the Exhibition: Dr. C. Scheurer, Chief Burgomaster from Zwickau City Glauchau, Dr.P.Dresler as well the Chief Burgomaster of the City Waldenburg, B.Pohlers together. Castle Waldenburg, Peniger Strasse 10, DE- 08396 Waldenburg Open: Tuesday to Friday 10h - 16h / Saturday, Sunday and public holiday 1 to 5pm Villa Berger Auctionshaus, Meeranerstr. 13, DE 08371 Glauchau Open: Tuesday 10 to 1 pm / Thursday 10 to 6pm Presenter: light blue, Niederwiesa Musical program: District Adult School Music "Clara Wiek," Zwickau Patrons of the exhibition: Dr. C. Scheurer, county district Zwickau, Dr. P. Dresler, Mayor Glauchau as Pohlers, Mayor Waldenburg The last two exhibitions in 2011 in Germany are around the corner who has the desire and Experience a time-forward colours and form a pure experience, emotions and motivations of glory The joy of feeling an experience richer feast of the meetings is the diversity of communications are there to capture in words of art exchange, one might say almost the past in contemporary art now in the Villa Berger and Castle Waldenburg

2011 - NEWSPAPER GERMANY: Freie Presse Gauschauer Zeitung Monday, 12th December 2011 Christa Demmler Artist of Switzerland to make a brige At Villa Berger Glauchau and Castle Waldenburg international and German artists are on two floors. what heart and soul alike delighted. GLAUCHAU - The exhibition "Art Savour in Sachsen" can be described as a perfect magical art show. In the spirit "of the tasty art", the translation from the French, could take on Saturday at Villa Berger Glauchau a large crowd of visitors pictures and sculptures in appearances. Hostess Marie-Luise Passini and Hans-Dieter Ilge who had the idea and the organization concerned to have to do much to address the questions of visitors. Although much of the artist himself was present and was present and even tried to answer the respective questions. Under the direction of the Art Association of the City traveled 28 artists, mostly from Switzerland, and currently make up of 360 exhibits, divided into the villa Berger, the auction house on the street Meeraner, and to see the Castle Waldenburg are. Presented in Waldburg, the new space resources. Mayor Peter Dresler said that it has been a "bridge between Glauchau and Waldenburg," which was only possible thanks to great initiative. He felt honored that the city may be Glauchau hostess, Hans-Dieter Ilge, added, "Enjoy these works, we will gladly provide information." Art is what pleases

2011 - 13 Years Gallery Nordstrasse / 2th to 4th December 2011 Gallery Nordstrasse, Nordstrasse 152, CH- 8037 Zurich, Switzerland The Gallery Nordstrasse is by the Bus-Station Lettenstrasse Vernissage: Friday 2th December 2011 from 7pm / the PLAYBACK-THEATRE Zurich Zwischenssage: Saturday 3th December 2011 from 2pm / the TRIFASICO Rock Musik from South America. Finissage: Sunday, 4th December 2011 from 11 p.m / Matinee-Jazz after Lunch from Stephan Briner and Friends.

2011 - ART INTERNATIONAL Zurich 2011 13th Contemporary Art Fair Kongresshaus Zurich, Switzerland / 13th to 16th October 2011 The Gallery Nordstrasse Zurich & Art Savour Berg SG to present my Artwork stand: congress hall 1/2 stand K18 Vernissage: 13. October 2011 / 6pm- 10pm / Open: 14. – 16. October 2011 / 11am - 20pm Theme: forest with all colours of the nature our to present Ol & mixed technique on wood 3d-form at the monemt or so you can see the large sizes Artwork at the Airport -Zurich the Pro-Air, Airport- Zurich to present my Artwork more on &

2011 - The Gallery Nordstrasse and ART SAVOUR ART- PLATFORM SAVOUR show at Art International Zurich The Cooperation Gallery Nordstrasse and Art Savour have found the end of 2008 and because both have the same deep passion for art and its aura share, work, these two actors in the art world, always happy together. The main highlights of the partnership were "ART SAVOUR GROUP 20100110 - black and white." (Curator Irene Varga) and "Dream and reality and between them" (June 2010, curators of the Gallery North Street) brings to the Art International Zurich they now show some of their beads. the mosaic wall is the subject of "forest" created in support of, proclaimed by the UN year of the forest 2011th Gallery Nordstrasse On 21 November 2002, founded the Association Gallery North Street. The gallery has been her 8th Street North Issue year behind. As before, their goal current art work of young contemporary art is to discover and promote. Current information on:

2011 - KUK - CULTURE & Congress Center Aarau / Saturday 24th September 2011 / 3 clock hall 1 Art Savour art auction auctioneer Star parodist Patric Schäfler The enjoyment of art to the highest increase, by means of socializing and the atmosphere of a private view, With excitement and anticipation I like to share with you that now is the upcoming group exhibition Art & Art Auction 2011 International Art Fair Zurich 2011 on my homepage (exhibitions) Situated Turns. About 27 artists organize the visual arts in KUK - Culture & Congress Center - Aarau in an auction. ART SAVOUR kind auction 24 September 2011 Auctioneer: Patric Schäfler In KUK - Culture & Congress Center Aarau, Schlossplatz 9, CH-5000 Aarau Saturday 24 September 2011 12:45 - 14:45 clock and cocktail reception bidder number in the door of the lobby area, visit to the sites in Room 3 Auction: 3 clock to 8 clock - Room 1

2011 - KEHRSATZ BERN: Group – Exhibition 18th March – 1th April 2011 Finally, it's that time again - one could say, with the key in hand, we wander through the maze. Yes, it is no dream, it's really soon so far - mad with power ideas. We pllangen forward to the day of days to finally open the door. Not to forget: A huge fun it is to us, with you / you to bring a sparkle in the eyes of children. We as artists some artwork for the auction for the benefit of the children plus home care on March 25, 2011 / 5 clock. Since I've had in the past few months, the experience that there are few people who know about the Kinderspitex plus something or did I feel this is very sad. I speak only for myself and of course the people with whom I have spoken. With amazement, people were hanging on my lips to learn more - I felt like a sponge that is sucked out. The selected art objects have already been seen the opening on 18th March 2011 from 4 to 8 clock.

2010 - ARTISTS TO OPERATE on the Platzspiz Zurich Di. 24th August 2010–8.30 clock In the brilliant sunshine and with an impressive police presence seven artists from the Canton of St. Gallen turned on 21 August 2010, Zurich Platzspitz in an open-air studio - mcMC They gain by 21 other artists from Switzerland, two artists from Austria and one artist from the Principality of Lichtenstein. They all took part in the kind of Art Savour Saturday times that this year to sweeps the birthplace of St. Gallen and went back on tour. Of 55 open-air artists interested in some of them had to stay away for holidays, summer flu, or similar job duties. Even so, the number of participants and handsome, the park was a place of concentrated creative work for some and a place of colourful, inspiring strolling to the other. The visitors were delighted at the appropriate and cultural surprise unexpected in the countryside.

2008 - 11th International Art Exhibition in Salzburg By Stephanie / SN on 9th November 2008 at 15:28 in Event Of 14th to 16th November is the Brandboxx in Bergheim to the international art scene. Packaged in a unique concept in galleries and presenting contemporary visual artists - or with - her paintings and sculptures from the general public. The art fair is a meeting in Salzburg, the objects of all styles, techniques and materials are free-space. A lively meeting place for artists and interested parties, a sales and information event with art and drawing program. Nevertheless, the character of each individual artists in the intimate scene-rooms maintained at several levels. Moulded in a communication platform for experiencing the art, discussing, acquiring - and this year to win - can provide. Project manager Günter Neuwirth personal invites to deal with the exhibition of art objects: "What would you like masterpiece in your home? Select from the participating artists, list your property - you can win it! Simply join - decided by lot. " The "art district" high-quality contemporary art exhibition presented in a uniform that stands for joy and passion of contemporary artists. In the realm of Russian art of the 20th and 21st centuries loads the "Gallery vmeste". With works of modern artists such as Peter Bronfin Moscow, whose works are exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art, and Artobjekten / photos / video art by Alena Anosowa. Authenticity is felt when the use of "African tribal art," original cult objects of medicine men and fetish your shows. The masks, statues, bronzes and ethnographic studies were collected in month-long march from village to village by the exhibitors in person in Central Africa. Was considered as lost time The estate of "Prof. DDr. Rudolf Ullik". The Antique Gallery City has rich treasure of the work Spätexpressionisten - detected - mostly from private collections. It shows a variety of topics this year, watercolors and acrylic paintings of his friend and student of Oskar Kokoschka, who had a strong Connection to Salzburg. Brandboxx Salzburg

2008 - 11th INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR IN SALZBURG - HIGHLIGHTS AND RESPONSE 11th November 2008 The 11th Int. Art Fair in Salzburg Brandboxx - the former MGC / MECs - this year attracted many art lovers. The event, which has established itself over the past decade at the Salzburg art market can be best, fair manager Günter Neuwirth in 2008 accounted for a positive: "111 exhibitors from 14th to 16th November 313 artists from 14 nations, the number of visitors amounted to nearly 8,000 art lovers. "Thomas Jungreithmair, center manager of Brandboxx Salzburg is pleased with the successful exhibition:" The show has this year proved to be an attractive platform of Fine Arts and the international Art Fair events greatly enriched. " Basis of this success is undoubtedly the most audience-friendly approach. The art fair is an annual meeting place for international artists - to talk shop, information, enjoy and purchase of images and objects contemporary artists. Different styles, materials and techniques were generous open space for equal attention, making art to life in all its facets. The personal presence of the artist, art, created in dialogue with the live audience and entertaining programs designed artistic frame lasting several hours and visits 500 m2 of space art experience In the "open studio" came at the hands of the artists after the rain last year's interest in public art objects in turn. Direct dialogue between artists and art lovers allowed very personal approaches to modern art. See the fascination with the birth of a live plant to be there, as it won brushstroke by brushstroke of color and expressiveness, intensified by his activism, the art experience. First place Saturday and Sunday jazz brunch - an artistic experiment, which was called "absolutely successful" by the guests as. But also to celebrate artists know, the artist and exhibitor party on Saturday there was an excellent mood. A night that left the artist and her passion in the atmosphere of a giant cheer studios.

2005 - ARTICEL OF THE NEWSPAPER: Der Zürcher Oberländer»/«Anzeiger from Uster» Donnerstag, 15th December 2005 Egg: EXHIBITION in the Bibliothek Art picture from nature Strong colours in many layers, then paint their pictures Waldraut Hool-Wolf. Waldraut Hool-Wolf, whose character wwdesign unobtrusively in a corner of the images is painted in oil on wood. The large-format images enliven the library currently in Egg. One must not, however, a wooden board, but a fine, imagine 4 mm thick sheet of absorbent wood. Screen would not be suitable for the technique used. Because Hool Wolf wears the paint on thick, in several layers. She loves the shiny oil paint. The images have some dry months until the next layer can be applied. The images are only primed. Initially, the artist has incorporated the grain of the wood into the picture with. Today, only affects the image, not even steer frame on it. Framework would lock up the pictures, the artist explains. Egg it displays trees, flowers and fantasy. The viewer can interpret it, they do not want vorinterpretieren. Their art is not too difficult to make, but for the better cause. The images of the artist as well as bright colours are not necessarily so, as required by the nature, rather the way it feels the painter. And yet they do not abstract, but, of course. Ever since she can, she has painted. At the art school, she had specialized in fashion design. Today, they can concentrate fully on their myriad projects. She has many ideas and also try out unconventional. (haf)

2005 - ARTICEL OF THE NEWSPAPER: Rümlangerblatt 30th September 2005 On the Spot Art Event "group event in the Garage Sen Rümlang" 1th Oktober 2005 Atris Waldraut Hool-Wolf Where else done oil changes and tires can be fitted to stand tomorrow (1th Oct.2005) oil paintings and photographs in the spotlight. "The room in which I show my pictures, must be alive, atmosphere exude. Therefore, the artist Waldraut Hool-Wolf from Volketswil in search of something special made. Found what she was in Rümlang in the garage Sen at the Oberglatt 35a at Riedmatt Center." A garage radiates something wicked, I like that, "said the amateur racer. garage owner Sen has known her longer. he turned around as a hired mechanic Hools Honda before he himself constantly in Rümlang made." We randomly taken. So I asked him what he thought of my idea, "said Hool reminds Apparently a lot. Cooperation deepened, and tomorrow (01:10:05) Saturday night is known as" Art Event "titled exhibition on the stage. It has to photographer Peter Fauland teamed. want the two to integrate their work throughout the workshop. "The pictures are on tire stacks or on the lift," she says. the tools and equipment they want to include in the exhibition. "This is a wonderful contrast to the images. (Max Hugelshofer) SPONSOR: Pro Air AG, Airport – Zürich / Garage Sen, Rümlang / Protectas, Rümlang / Restaurant Löwe Da Mauro, Zürich - Affoltern

2005 - CUTTING NEWSPAPER: Glattaler Volketswiler Woche, 24th March 2005 The positive power of brilliant colours Colourful, large oil paintings are currently waiting for the visitor In the community center in the floodplain. The artist Waldraut Hool-Wolf makes bright colours as a positive energy flow. I paint from the gut," said Waldraut Hool- Wolf her paintings at the opening. Positive effect they have, but we all had enough negative experience in life, because I want to convey with my pictures beautiful. "Is successful with this as well. In her paintings, bright colours dominate, such as yellow, orange, red, pink and blue as a contrast. trees do not need a brown trunk and green leaves, to qualify as trees, and has a sky always blue? the image "pink cielo" Waldraut Hool Wolf proves the opposite. pink colours catches the viewer is in the eye. spring feelings and joy of life are shaken. the pictures are abstract, sometimes believed to identify trees and flowers, the imagination is stimulated. The powerful oil paintings on wood are all unframed. Framework may not Waldraut Hool-wolf special. "A close, the images usually only crush," she said. It applies the smoothing technique, attention to detail. This allows her works often appear three dimensional. You need tons of oil paints. Well, they have a reference source that provides fast and reliable for replenishment. She needs too, because the artist is extremely productive. Although it currently exhibits at several places, piled up in her apartment is still about 50 pictures. So that they can always launch a new exhibition. Currently, it also shows in Ferrara, Italy in a major exhibition their pictures. The artist is going well, after activation of their website they even received inquiries from New York. (Andrea Hunold)

2005 - ARTICLE OF THE NEWSPAPER: Glattaler Volketswiler Woche, 24th March 2005 I act on instinct", explained Waldraut Hool-Wolf during a private view. "My paintings must transport a positive feeling. Everyday-life is already negative enough". And she succeeds. Bright colors like yellow, orange, red, pink and blue as a contrast dominate her paintings. A tree needs a brown bole and green leaves to be recognized as a tree ? The sky has to be blue ? Looking at the painting "rosa cielo" Wladraut Hool-Wolf proves the opposite. A strong pink stands out. Springfever and vitality are shaken up. The paintings are abstract, they leave a large margin for interpretation and they fire the imagination.

2005 - NEWSPAPER: Glattaler Volketswiler Woche, 24th March 2005 I rely on my instincts," said Waldraut Hool-Wolf during a private screening. "My paintings must convey a positive feeling. Daily life is already provided with too many negative aspects." And it goes on in your statement that are bright colours of like yellow, orange, red, pink to blue in contrast to most of their Pictures. Must have a tree with a brown trunk and green leaves, to be recognized as a tree? Does the sky always blue? The painting "Pink cielo" it proves the opposite. Here is a bright pink the predominant colour. Spring fever and vitality are roused. The paintings are abstract and have such a great interpretation of space and capture the imagination.

2005 - ARTICEL OF THE NEWSPAPER: from Uster zol Zürcher Oberland, 22th March 2005 Waldraut Hool before one of her works in the Gallery "In der Au". Wood on oil in 3-D form Waldraut Hool is in her pictures from Volketswil Mo. The Volketswilerin Waldraut Hool-Wolf presents the community center "in the Au" a cross-section of their artistic creations. The three-dimensional images of the colours Waldraut Hool shows mainly by the nature of the painted trees, flowers and fountains. In the two-tone with light effects artist wants to convey to the viewer a positive impact. She describes herself as a romantic with a lot of wishes and dreams that they want to put them into her paintings. For several years she has devoted himself intensively to painting, and it has even found its own style. Their curiosity makes them three-dimensional technology continue to evolve and resist always find new effects. Using a spatula and oil paint Waldraut Hool-wolf does not work with a brush, but carries all the colours on with a trowel. This leaves her with creating a good piece of forms of artistic freedom. Impressive is an exhibition in the sighted, well successful tree of pink red background. Some large-scale flower paintings are also on. The recall of momentum in warm reds leveled forms of giant dahlias. Different colours of gadgets, sometimes warm and sometimes in cool shades are to discover up to the roof of the gallery. The desired three-dimensionality achieved by the artist with the thick application of oil paints. She believes that she found a special technique and developed further. Hoping for a breakthrough The artist is originally from commercial sector would like to dedicate the coming years, but full of painting. My greatest wish would be to create a breakthrough with their art. She has already taken part in several exhibitions. Prior to that in Volketswil their pictures in Ferrara (Italy) were seen.

2005 - International Contemporary Art Exhibition 12th March 2005 / EMOTIONS IN MOTION / in Estense Castle, Ferrara/Italy Perhaps there still is a respect in which "Emotions in motion" would not completely obsolete as a title for an art Exhibition. Today art is very much conceptual and too often seems to be absorbed in a constant search for empty and vacuous provocations. Yet it is still capable of exploring the purely pictorial, emotional, and introspective dimensions of aesthetic experience. Luckily we have not yet reached the 'ground zero' of art, as Jean Baudrillard predicted, even though, sadly, very much of his pessimistic prediction has already turned into reality. Yet there are many artists today who still feel the need to dirty the canvas and to pour the burden of their emotions upon it, to express those feelings and moods they experience during the act of painting and as well as those which constantly flow though them. "Emotions in motion" is an International Exhibition aiming to gather established and emergent, Italian and foreign, artists who still concern themselves with the attempt to define experiences, memories, sensations, visions and, also -- why not? -- premonitions. Participating artists will freely employ and deploy their pictorial gestures, their colours and signs in order to get as close as possible to the psychological sphere: those feelings, emotions, and moods that make up our spiritual dimension. "Emotions in motion" intends to give space to this kind of artistic research, to an art that finds its strength in the expressive power of sign, colour, subject, and visual impression, since our sight is ineluctably attracted to the canvas that is bathed in evocation. Artists representative of this kind of spiritual and artistic research will be brought together with those artists who still believe in the emotional possibilities that art offers. The range of expressive forms can be extremely wide and varied: painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, and installation. On this artistic and cultural occasion, the Jury will award the "Ercole d'Este" prize to the artist who shows the most significant artworks during the Exhibition. The choice of scenery for the "Emotions in motion" Exhibition was selected to complement this general frame of artistic and emotional research. The beautiful and evocative setting provided by the "Imbarcadero Rooms" of the historic Este Castle that dominates the city centre (which was turned into a Museum last July) shows how "Emotions in motion" aims to be an Exhibition that moves outside the conventional norms of profile exhibitions. The curators will also make sure to involve critics and operators in the event, underlining how they approach the cultural and marketing side of the event, which is an inseparable aspect of contemporary art. (Paola Trevisan)

2005 - ART JOURNAL March 2005 Bimestrale d’arte cultura informazione EMOTION IN MONTION ALL’IRLANDESE DE FRINSE IL PREMIO ERCOLE D’ESTE “Emozioni in divenire” con piü di trenta artisti provenienti da ogni parte del mondo al Castello Estense di Ferrara. Nelle sale dell”Imbarcadero del Castello Estense di Ferrara, is è tenuta a fine mazo, la mostra internazionale “Emotions in motion/Emozioni in Divenire”, curatta da Paola Trevisan con il contributo critico di Valerio Grimaldi che l”ha ufficialmente aperta davanti ad un pubblico numeroso, attento e competente. Durante l”inaugurazione, la Giuria ha assegnato il Premio Ercole d’Este all’artista irlandese Liam Breandàn De Frinse, autore di un’installazione di 32 quadri profondamente correlati allo spirito, alla storia e alla musica del suo Paese; la stessa sera è stato anche conferito il Premio alla Carriera a Sergio Luzzi, autore di una singolare carriera e produzione artistica. mentre la Fondazione ArteXArte ha premiato con una traga Rosa Ruscoino, autrice di appassionati. mediterranei tramonti e di soli che rotolano verso l’imbrunire della notte. All’interno della Rassegna, che ha visto esporre piu di trenta artisti italiani e stranieri provenienti da tutto il mondo si è creato un vivacissimo scambio culturale ed artistico e sono emersi svariati tipi di ricerca; quella astratta ed informale che trae la massima ispirazione dall’efficacia espressiva del segno, del colore, della materia pittorica ma anche quella figurativa, secondo l’ultimo naturalismo arcane - liana, quella fotografica, presente con sorprendenti sintesi implosive di bianco e nero e dalla magiche evocazioni e, infine, quella scultorea rappresentata da autori molto diversi fra loro ma che all’interno dell’Imbarcadero hanno saputo creare un affascinante dialogo di profili, di materiali e di purezze formali. I curatori della mostra hanno sottolineato con soddisfazione l’adesione di un significativo numero di artisti stranieri che hanno fatto propria la tematica proposta dalla manifestazione, dimostrando come l’emotivitä sia ancora, in arte, motivo di fascino e di ispirazione. Lo scenario scelto per questa Rassegna, le splendide e suggestive “Sale dell’Imbarcadero” dello storico Castello di Ferrara, ha richiamato l’attenzione e L’interesse di tutti coloro che vivono e praticano il mondo della arti visive, rivelando come “Emotions in Motion” abbia saputo caratterizzarsi al di fuori dei consueti schemi della rasse-gna dal profilo tradizionale, tendendo sia all’aspetto culturale che a quello di mercato. “Emotions in Motion”, come ha affermato Valerio Grimaldi, è la prima stazione di un lungo viaggio in cui gli artisti espositori, ci hanno ricordato, come scriveva Paul Klee, che “l’arte non riproduce ciò che è visibile, ma rende visibile ciò che non sempre lo è”

2004 - ARTICLE OF THE NEWSPAPER: ZUricher Unterlänler, 19th April 2004 THE WONDERFULNESS OF THE THREE-DIMENSIONAL COLORS What the nature, the trees, the water and the sky feel, gave off from a painting with a extraordinary splendor of colors. Through the extraordinary technique - oil painted with a spatula on the wood - give a three-dimensional effect.

2004 - Gallery im Salon Niederglatt Zurich 17th April 2004 To harangue from Trudy Weber municipal - council of Volketswil Zurich DEAR ARTIST AND DEAR GUESTS I am very happy that I can judge, in my capacity as a councilor of Volketswil a few words to you. To me art is like life. In other words, life is and should be art. My have resulted in the term survivor. Power, diversity, colors, something you can discuss what inspired that makes up for my art. You use the colour blue in their works, the color of success and concentration. I have asked myself on the way, for what the colour blue is for me personally. The bike my daughter was the colour blue. There are few things that I enjoy more than the blue waters of Lake Lugano to walk along. Have time to organize thoughts or to make a ruling. Blue is for me a bright and cheerful colour. Images and their colours have to give the viewer something along the way. And I think this is because artist Waldraut Hool-Wolf in this exhibition have succeeded particularly well! These pictures say something and have content. I can well imagine that one or the other buyers are sitting in front of his picture later and discover something new in it can. And this is just for me, the treasure, which is an artist on the road or in the room. I hope and am confident that many will enjoy this show as much as me. (Trudy Weber)

2003 - ARTICLE OF THE NEWSPAPER: "Stadt. Anzeiger", 18th September 2003 / Opfikon: Gallery Dorf-Träff THE CURIOSITY IS ALWAYS HERE The simple abbreviation ww is for Waldraut Hool-Wolf. The painter was born in 1958 and she lives and works in Zürich. She developed her talent for painting already during her infancy. When she was at school, during the art lesson, she "produced" so many pictures, that to the end of the school year she presented them. Ever since her "works" was a lot demanded. As young girl, she passed a year in the north of England. Soon her talent was discovered also from the family who accommodated her and from its friends too. The first commercial successes arrived. In the following years Waldraut Hool-Wolf improved her technique. During this period she was looking forward to others possibilities and new techniques. To the end of years 80 she was caught on an interior restlessness. The search of innovations, for appeasing this agitation began. During the many visits to galleries of art and long discussions in the same ambient, she discovered a new oil painted with a spatula. The restlessness leaved the place to the curiosity for the new technique. Until today Waldraut Hool-Wolf is involving in wood and his various techniques. She lay the color on it. A completely new style is born, then she, according to its way to see, has not perfected. The curiosity is always here.

2003 - ARTICLE OF THE NEWSPAPER: Uster Züri Oberland Nachricht 30th January 2003 Spontaneously Which motive dearest do you paint? Trees, water, sky - simple everything that in such a way gives nature at the beautiful one. And which motive would you never paint? War and brutal scenes lost on my pictures nothing at all. An acquaintance will want 60 years old and you him a painted picture to give. How could such a picture look? Difficult question, naturally always arrives on the person. Assumed you merge red, green and blue, which color results from it? I always mix in the pictures, and during this composition a rather dark color would have to result. Perhaps I would baptize it Bogruebla or Blarogrue! One says always red is the color of the love. Which is then the color of the loyalty? I think blue. Hope, yellow the jealousy and red is green is already assigned as well known! Selfpainted pictures are the mirror image hearts. Is this statement correct also with you? Naturally, I give a piece of my heart and a part of my soul to each picture. Hoppla! Are you obvious a Romanticin? I am assessed romantic, am correct. And to the romance also desires and dreams belong. Without this life is boring. A saying says: Roses, tulips, carnations, all flowers wither. Which flower never withers? The flower in my heart. Is it correct that most painters become only famous if they died already long? Is correct. Probably the time for these painters was simply not yet ripe. "Rolf Niebergall"