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waldraut hool-wolf Gallery

"ghiaccio albero" (19)
waldraut hool-wolf, ghiaccio albero, Movement, Movement, Neue Wilde, Abstract Expressionism
208 / 287 Works

oil on wood 3 d-form Technique: Paint with a spatula implement in place of the artist paint brush

29.5 x 29.5 inch
ARTICLE OF THE NEWSPAPER: Uster Züri Oberland Nachricht 30th January 2003
Which motive dearest do you paint?
Trees, water, sky - simple everything that in such a way gives nature at the beautiful one.
And which motive would you never paint?
War and brutal scenes lost on my pictures nothing at all.
An acquaintance will want 60 years old and you him a painted picture to give. How could such a picture look?
Difficult question, naturally always arrives on the person.
Assumed you merge red, green and blue, which color results from it?
I always mix in the pictures, and during this composition a rather dark color would have to result. Perhaps I would baptize it Bogruebla or Blarogrue!
One says always red is the color of the love. Which is then the color of the loyalty?
I think blue. Hope, yellow the jealousy and red is green is already assigned as well known!
Selfpainted pictures are the mirror image hearts. Is this statement correct also with you?
Naturally, I give a piece of my heart and a part of my soul to each picture.
Hoppla! Are you obvious a Romanticin?
I am assessed romantic, am correct. And to the romance also desires and dreams belong. Without this life is boring.
A saying says: Roses, tulips, carnations, all flowers wither. Which flower never withers?
The flower in my heart.
Is it correct that most painters become only famous if they died already long?
Is correct. Probably the time for these painters was simply not yet ripe. "Rolf Niebergall"
Ein wunderbares Bild!
by Ilona Kermbach
Hallo Waldraut.
Ein wunderschönes Bild ! Gefällt mir sehr gut... Ich staune immer wieder woher du so tolle Ideen hast, und diese umsezt.
Mach weiter so!
Lg Dominik
by Frey Dominik
GENIAL !!! gefällt mir sehr gut ! Weiterhin viel Erfolg ! herzlichst, Irene,
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