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waldraut hool-wolf Gallery

"Sommerzeit unterm Baum 10/1A" (1) · 2010
waldraut hool-wolf, Sommerzeit unterm Baum 10/1A, Landscapes: Summer, Emotions: Safety, Impressionism
140 / 232 Works

to aestivate summertime his dreams cams true a vision in white under the tree / Oil and mixed materials on wood 3d-form Specials Technique: artwork to paint with a spatula implement in place of the artist paint brush
mixed technique

For sale
31.5 x 31.5 inch
Mixed technique
ARTISTS TO OPERATE on the Platzspiz Zurich
Di. 24th August 2010 – 8.30 clock In the brilliant sunshine and with an impressive police presence seven artists from the Canton of St. Gallen turned on 21 August 2010, Zurich Platzspitz in an open-air studio - mcMC
They gain by 21 other artists from Switzerland, two artists from Austria and one artist from the Principality of Lichtenstein. They all took part in the kind of Art Savour Saturday times that this year to sweeps the birthplace of St. Gallen and went back on tour. Of 55 open-air artists interested in some of them had to stay away for holidays, summer flu, or similar job duties. Even so, the number of participants and handsome, the park was a place of concentrated creative work for some and a place of colourful, inspiring strolling to the other. The visitors were delighted at the appropriate and cultural surprise unexpected in the countryside.
Hallo Waltraud.
Ein neues Bild von Dir hat mich Deine Galerie durchstöbern lassen. Dieses Bild gefällt mir besonders gut.
Bernhard Ost
Hallo liebe Waldraut, ein wunderbares Kunstwerk ! GRATULATION ! weiterhin viel Erfolg und Freude ! herzlichst, Irene,
Hallo Waldraut,
dein Baum gefällt mir sehr gut.
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